Chest and back skin infection

Q: I’m having a skin problem which has been almost 10years now,have visited lot of doctors and taken lot of oral treatment and crean,shampoo and more but my problem keep unlightly,they look whitsih dott on my back and chest…have done many test to verify what is really d problem that is not responding to teatment,like path test to know if is fungi,allergy test,hiv,and generall test,but all sees to be negative,pls i want back my natural skin.

Thanks for your reply,as u said earlier that is difficult to to commend on my question,since u dont what have beeen diagnose for…i was diagnosed for fungi skin infection which as has been disturbing my skin from natural look since ten years now,i took lot of nizoral tablet and shampoo,and herbal herb,and path test to to know what is really d problem but d test came out that im not having fungi but my problem ramain d same…..pls help me

A: It is difficult to comment without knowing the exact condition that was diagnosed. There is no reason to assume that it is life threatening just yet so please clarify this with your doctor. It could be as simple as acne on the chest or back which has a superimposed infection. Speak to your doctor. Get the proper details and I am sure you will find sufficient information on the internet or you may post a question on this platform.

User Asked on September 7, 2016 in Infections.
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