Cellulitis not healed completely after 10 days of antibiotic

I\’ve got cellulitis around my left ankle. after 10 days of Cephalexin, the swelling and the redness were almost eliminated. however, the skin around my ankle still appears pinkish, and i do feel a little bit pain/tightness sometimes. do i need to go back to my doctor and ask for more antibiotics? is the leftover discolor and pain normal? thanks!

User Asked on September 10, 2016 in Infections.
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Dr. C

You should expect it to take 2 weeks or more to heal. The residual symptoms will persist for much longer. You may need another course of antibiotics so it is best to see your doctor after you complete the entire course so that he/she can reassess the area. Depending on the severity prior to treatment, there may be some skin discoloration and slight scarring that could be permanent. The pain should have eased significantly at this point but expect some tenderness for a long period after especially if you had a severe infection that may have spread significantly from the original site.

User Answered on September 10, 2016.
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