Cause of pain on the bottom right side of my abdomen?

Please help, I haveĀ pains on my side, no clue what it is. IĀ have a sharp pain on the bottom right side of my abdomen. no idea what it is. havent started my cycle yet, only 15. It’s travels up my right side and into my chest.

User Asked on September 2, 2016 in Teenage Health.
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Hi Ryley,
There is a great article about right side abdominal pain. Hope it help.

There are a host of causes of abdominal pain and it is one symptom that can be the most puzzling at times if other signs and symptoms are not present.

Pain in the ovaries and possibly even fallopian tube could be a possibility even though your cycle has not started up. You could be ovulating at this point and while this should not present with pain, some girls/women do experience pain and this is often linked to a gynecological problem.

It could also be muscle strain as you are young and should be active and this could just be muscular. Nevertheless you should see a doctor as it could be related to appendix and this needs to be excluded immediately.

Constipation, which is common in teen girls, may also cause abdominal pain and it should ease after a bowel movement. Other disorders of your colon may also be responsible.

User Answered on September 2, 2016.
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