Cause of left side chest pain?

I am 18 yeas old and i have been pale and sweating and have pain in the middle of my chest and sometimes it goes to the left side what causes this? Also i have heart damage from a previous overdose when i was younger.

I have had and EKG and the first one said i had a heart attack and they took me to the ER and they said it was heart damage and i would alwyas have pain. but i also have anxiety and i dont really know what to think it is becuase when i tell them about this pain they just give me pain medicine and say im fine and thats it.

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Usually, a cardiac condition would not be the first cause that would be considered in your age group but given you history, it may be possibly that this is the reason for your symptoms. While there are various causes of paleness (pallor), the accompanying sweating is a concern. It could be related to a neurological condition that may be temporarily disrupting your heart activity and circulation. You should see a doctor, preferably a cardiologist, as soon as possible. An ECG should be done immediately.

You should see a cardiologist. Irrespective of your anxiety, your cardiac condition needs to be properly assessed and the appropriate medication needs to be started. You are young and the pain may be an indication of further damage or other complications. Pain medication on its own will not be sufficient.

User Answered on September 2, 2016.
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