Cause of abdomen/sternum and back pain

For over a year now I\’ve had severe upper abdomen/sternum pain which goes through to my middle back like there is a long blade inside my body. It goes along with a very bad acidy stomach with extreem belching and heartburn that does not go away! Absolutly nothing helps the back and stomach pain…except prescribed narcotics which i have been taking..but i cant live like this. my doctor is lazy and wont do anything to help fing out what is wrong..Any ideas??

User Asked on September 8, 2016 in Gastrointestinal.
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From Nycergyrl:

thank you so much “kadiddle”…i dont know how to thank you properly…i made an apt to see my doc and he ordered an ultrasound the next day the results came back and showed i had many gallstones! i wouldnt of known at all if you didnt mention it…im not sure what happens from here..but thanks for the advice.

From Kadiddle:

I am an RN. And I have also suffered with these symptoms. Has you doctor not ordered an ultrasound of any kind? I believe you have gallstones, or what what the medical field calls cholecystitis. You need to get a second opinion. If one of those stones happens to get caught in the pancreatic duct, it can cause some serious damage and put you through a lot more pain and suffering.

From Dr. Chris:

Severe heartburn can present with symptoms like you describe. Proper management is essential in reducing the acid reflux and this should help relieve the pain. Other possible causes also need to be excluded however.

You can find more information on acid reflux treatment in this article :

You can also refer to this article on Acid Reflux Diet for dietary changes that you can undertake :

However treatment with acid suppressing drugs, antacids and even prokinetic drugs is necessary but this will have to be prescribed by your doctor.

If you are not satisfied with the treatment you are receiving thus far, you should consult with another doctor for a second opinion. A gastroenterologist should also be seen so that other investigations can also be conducted and the appropriate treatment prescribed. Other causes may include gastritis, a peptic ulcer, gallstones or even an inflamed gallbladder (cholecystitis). You can read more in these articles :
1. Gastritis
2. Peptic Ulcer
3. Gallstones
4. Cholecystitis
Gallstones and cholecystitis are unlikely to have persisted for 1 year without any complications at this point.

User Answered on September 8, 2016.
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