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i have a problem when i walk.. sometimes, i feel a needle is pricking the center part the sole of my feet.. it usually happens during flexion of my foot while walking.. this rarely happened to me before, but now, it happens everytime i walk.. i usually go to school wearing my flat shoes and i use slippers at home.. i thought it was about what i wear so i now use 2 inch high heel shoes but it doesn’t help in any way..

can anyone here help me please?

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  • Dr. Chris October 16, 2010

    It is difficult to say as foot pain may due to a variety of causes and you will need to see a doctor to have the area examined. Your past medical history and other contributing factors have to be taken into account as well. And an x-ray is definitely needed at this point to make a conclusive diagnosis.

    Trauma and poorly fitting shoes are common causes of foot pain. Obesity is another contributing factor as excessive pressure on the feet due to the excess weight can irritate a host of structures of the feet including the plantar fascia. Plantar fascitis or a bony spur are possibilities that also need to be considered. If you are flat-footed, then this central foot pain is common.

    There are a host of other causes related to muscular conditions, joint problems (foot joints) and even diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. You don’t mention other symptoms so it is difficult to say and your doctor will have to examine you. If you have excluded trauma or poorly fitting shoes, and considering that the pain is so localized, you will need an x-ray to exclude a spur.

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