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I had an ear infection/ache about a week ago that has subsided. My ear no longer feels “stuffy” and I can hear out of it fine. The problem now is that I have pain and a swelling feeling deeper “behind” my ear and above my jaw. Closing my jaw completly so that my uppper and lower teeth touch increases the pressure/pain. I have antibiotic that I have been taking since the ear infection and am still taking but it doesn’t seem to do anything for this situation. I have also been taking ibuprofin which helps with the pain and seems to make the swelling go down a bit, but it returns as soon as the medicine wears off. I’m not seeing any drainage or anything coming out of the ear.

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  • Dr. Chris November 26, 2010

    If you are still on antibiotics the symptoms may not go away immediately until the infection totally resolves and adequate healing occurs. Apart from the ear itself, the infection can spread to surrounding areas like the eustachian tube which leads to the back of the throat, TM joint or even the skull bone. You should see a doctor if the symptoms get worse or are still present after you complete the antibiotics.If the infection was of the middle ear, you may not see any discharge.


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