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8 weeks post appendectomy my 9 year old daughter is suffering from tenderness around scar which is worse with pressure, intermittent flushing (temperature only slightly raise to about 37.6) increased urination. She was completely fine until 10 days ago. The doctor put her on antibiotics and she has had normal blood and ultrasound tests. Here urine test was fine as well. I cannot settle though and feel really uneasy about it. She is not really poorly but certainly not right and having lots of days off school. Last night she was examined by a surgeon who has suggested it is a viral infection and should clear up in two weeks. Should I just accept this and stop worrying?

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  • Dr. Chris April 4, 2011

    If you are concerned and the symptoms are persisting, you should follow up with the surgeon again and/or your family doctor. While some of these symptoms are to be expected, it should be monitored closely and medical attention needs to be sought as soon as possible when necessary. A follow up consultation would have been advisable at least 5 days after starting the antibiotics. Speak to your doctor immediately.


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