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My job mainly involves sitting and I will admit that I don’t get the exercise I should. In fact the furthest I walk is from the office to the car and when I go the mall which is like once a week. I have always had a problem with itchy legs and itch creams and so on only offer moderate relief.

I did notice that when I was on vacation and getting a lot of exercise because I was walking around, the itch stopped after day 3 or 4. It only returned a few days after returning home. I am mentioning this because I remember a similar thing happening when I bought an exercise bike and worked out for about a week until the novelty wore off. The swelling also seems to go down with the exercise and walking and to some extent corresponds to the itch.

Do you think that the itch is related to the poor circulation?

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  • Dr. Chris December 11, 2010

    It is possibly related. A condition known as venous stasis dermatitis which arises in patients with venous insufficiency often starts off with a persistent itch, dry skin and so on. These symptoms may ease with exercise, elevating the legs for long periods of time and so on. But if you have so clearly identified activity as decreasing the swelling and itching, then it is very likely due to the sluggish circulation of the legs.

    Speak to your doctor about it as there could be other causes that are not clearly evident at this stage.


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