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around the right side of my stomach i have like 3 little bumps and they are very itchy and have been going on for almost a week. its also starting to spread all over my stomach and some are real light and verly there and some are like big bumps like pimples kinda. what could this be and should i be seen by a doctor or could it be like bites or somethings?

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  • Dr. Chris November 13, 2010

    It is very difficult to self-diagnose a rash or attempt to get it diagnosed online. You should see a dermatologist since it is persisting. There is a wide range of skin diseases and many may appear similar or initially present in exactly the same manner. Only a physical examination and assessment by a qualified professional can lead to a conclusive diagnosis. So yes, you should see a doctor immediately.

    Please note that answers can take up to 72 hours. Always consult with your doctor and never use an online platform as a way of delaying medical attention or treatment.

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