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Dr. Chris thank you so much for the reply. The problem is that I have seen the family doctor many times over the last couple of years and he has done nothing. It’s almost like the medical profession is scared to look into the issue further. I do have an appointment with another gynecologist in the near future; what exactly should I ask him? That seems to be the problem, if I don’t know what to ask them to look for, they won’t look. I was seeing a gynecologist a few months ago because of the chronic clotting and bleeding, he felt that since I was 52 that I have ovarian or uterine cancer, so he tested me for that and luckily it was negative. He never addressed the issue further, all he suggested was that I have an IUD inserted to control the bleeding. He never bothered to test any of the clots that had been discharged. The discharge is not like the usual menstrual blood, sometimes it’s almost like an unusal pink at the beginning but the odor throughout is not like that of menstrual blood, it’s a fowl smell and at odd times it’s almost reddish black in colour. Many times throughout my period I am bleeding so heavily, it doesn’t just drip, it runs and I change the tampax every half to an hour during bad times. Also when I have an earache, when I’m not feeling well, my stools are unbelievably gross in odor.
As for the gastron specialist, what is it I ask him to test for? I’m wondering if I should go to Toronto or Ottawa to be tested because I feel myself that if something isn’t done soon, it will be too late. I cannot impress to you enough that the doctors have not done anything, I have been to the afterhours clinic numerous times when a fever comes on and when there is something in my nose and I’ve even taken samples of the item from my nose and the doctors and the people at the after hours clinic just put their hands up, they don’t want to look at it and certainly don’t want to touch it. I’ve drawn a picture of it to show them as it usually comes out in the same shape, depending on when it is discharged and they still find a way to brush it off as being nothing.
I have a mild earache now and honestly it feels like the life is being sucked out of me bit by bit. I have a 13 year old son, there is just the two of us, and I find it hard to summons up the energy to do anything when he gets home from school.
Can you please tell me exactly what they should be testing for and/or direct me to a facility in Ontario where they will test me no questions asked.
Thank you so much.

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  • Dr. Chris December 16, 2010

    It is highly unlikely that so many medical professionals would have missed an obvious diagnosis, which could mean that this is nothing to worry about. A parasite in the nostril – cannot comment on this but quite unlikely that is actually a parasite. Of course, we have not examined you. You should see an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist). You can read up more on chronic nosebleeds in this article :

    The vaginal bleeding is a cause for concern and if you did follow your gynecologist’s advice and it is persisting, then you need to go back and inform him/her. In all likelihood, a hysterectomy would possible have to be considered.

    The starting point is to verify if there is any infection. A CBC (complete blood count) is a good starting point. Abnormalities in these results will be an indicator of an infection as well as other disorder. Given your persistent fever and recurrent infections as you mentioned under your previous question (, an HIV test as well as an autoimmune screen may be also be advisable.

    We cannot advise you on any specific doctor/clinic and so on. We are not based in Canada. You need to speak to your doctor about a referral. If you are unsatisfied with the treatment you have received from your previous doctors, then it is time to seek a second opinion from another doctor/specialist.


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