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My boyfriend gets really bad skin infections for the last 14 years straight!! Please help….The start of as a tiny red dot (like a pimple), then it gets real painful to the touch, even the slightest touch sends sharp pains through area…the it gets big underneath the skin like a boil. Then it will randomly burst open and nasty, smelly, redish/yellowish and sometimes green discharge comes out non stop…sometimes for days at at time. It also leaves a hole where the liquid comes out at…like a bullet hole. You can put a q-tip almost half way into the wound. It has sent him to the ER many times over the years and they keep telling him its a insect bite!! I contracted it from him years ago…i got it bad a couple times but nothing for about 6 years…my 2 year old daughter recently got one on her arm…I\’m scared to find out what it is…it\’s obviously contagous. Any,,…I mean ANY info to help me find answers would be greatly appreciated….

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  • Dr. Chris December 30, 2010

    You don’t specify where on the body this is occurring. It is difficult to identify a skin condition solely based on your report and your boyfriend should see a dermatologist. Since it is not life-threatening, the assistance at the ER may be limited. This does not mean it should be ignored afterwards.

    Repeated skin infections with ulcerations like what you are reporting could be related to a host of causes but may be an indication of impaired immune functioning. It would be advisable that your boyfriend have an HIV test and glucose tolerance test for diabetes. He will however need to see a dermatologist as there is no way of knowing for sure.


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