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I have pcos, im having pelvis pain urelieved by pain med. Ive taken 6 alieve 2 pamprin and still hurting. There is no chance that im pregnant. I have irregular cycle but ive never hurt this bad. Should I go to the ER, please help.

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  • Dr. Chris February 6, 2011

    Yes, if the pain is severe and intolerable and unresponsive to th pain medication then you should definitely seek medical attention. Remember that it is possible that this episode is unrelated to your PCOS. Hopefully you are seeing a gynecologist for proper management of your condition so you should try to call your gynecologist as well to discuss this episode. A trip to the ER may still be necessary however.

    It is important to note that with proper treatment and management, your condition could improve and this includes the pain. Ensure that you go back to your doctor/gynecologist after your ER visit to follow up on your condition and whether it is progressing. Many women with PCOS who suddenly find that they are not responding to pain killers discover very large cysts and sometimes adhesions of surrounding structures, especially if you had previous surgery. This does not suddenly arise but rather is a result of poor management and infrequent visits to the gynecologist.

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