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I have a red painful bump that is in my pubic hair area, i have a few actually but this one is big and last week it leaked alot of yellow pus. I think its a very bad ingrown hair because i recently removed a long hair from another bump in the same area. These bumps have been coming and going for over a year. I first noticed one about a week after i was working and my tape measure belt clip was rubbing against the area while i carried equipment downstairs. Any idea what it can be or ways to cure this?

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  • Dr. Chris November 26, 2010

    It may be related to an infection of the follicle (folliculitis). However a sexually transmitted disease (STD) may also be a cause. An ingrown hair may also be a problem especially if you do remove hair in the area.

    Refer to this article on folliculitis for more information :


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