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My mother is like 62. She has had varicose veins on the legs but just this week she started having nonending pain. And she says it’s in the veins.

Is this a common problem in 60 year olds? And what is it?
What can she do?

I read somewhere that it said that’s just something that hppens and that it can help to not be standing and to elevate legs and put ice. She tried that but still hurting already for like 3 days

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  • Dr. Chris July 29, 2011

    Varicose veins particularly in your mother’s age group is permanent and often gets worse over time. Sometimes it may become inflamed, infected or “burst”, all of which are painful. It therefore needs medical attention because it can cause severe complications and even lead to death depending on the cause. Not standing for long periods of time is helpful for varicose veins in general but not for painful veins which have a more serious underlying cause. Your mother needs to see a doctor.

    The pain may also be arising from the surrounding tissue which becomes congested with blood and does not receive sufficient oxygenated blood. Over time this can cause severe damage of the tissue (ischemia) and lead to tissue death. This may first present as darkening of the skin in the area which becomes thick and leathery and eventually ulcers (deep sores) will form.

    It also has to be ascertained whether the leg arteries are now affected which can cause severe limb ischemia.


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