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I hurt my sciatic nerve, now I have numbness in my ankle, top of my foot, and middle toe. Do I have nerve damage or a blood clot?

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  • Dr. Chris February 4, 2011

    This could be due to sciatic nerve as it innervates most of the dorsal surface of the foot. This depends on the extent of the nerve injury and involvement of other nerves in the lef. Your neurologist can advise you further.

    If you are noticing swelling, changes in skin color (pale blue, dark brown), dryness of the skin and so on, then it may be related to the blood circulation. A clot is one possibility and can occur in both the leg or vein. The other possibility is narrowing of the leg arteries due to atherosclerosis. Your doctor will do a doppler study to confirm or exclude this possibility.

    If you are a diabetic, your doctor may also have to consider diabetic neuropathy which arises from nerve damage primarily to the peripheral nerves.


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