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can a nervous stomach wake you up in the middle of the night? I am and have always had a nervous stomach, but it seems to be more noticeable in the winter months when the stomach viruses go around. I am petrified of getting a stomach virus and have trouble dealing with my own two children when they get sick. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a rumbling stomach and had some diarrhea. I practically passed out. I had myself so worked up over this and could not calm down. What do I do about this and how can I gain control over this fear?

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  • Dr. Chris January 20, 2011

    It depends on what you mean by a nervous stomach. This often means a range of gastrointestinal symptoms like borborygmi (loud/excessive stomach noises), heartburn, diarrhea and so on that is aggravated or triggered by stress or anxiety. Many gastrointestinal conditions are exacerbated by stress.

    Acid reflux which causes heartburn as well as gastritis are both aggravated at night and can cause you to awaken. You should see a doctor who can accurately diagnose your problem and prescribe the appropriate medication. This may also help resolve your sleep disturbances. Other non-gastrointestinal causes may also be responsible for your symptoms.

    There is no need to suspect that you will be more prone to outbreaks of gastroenteritis. Your anxiety may require medical treatment and psychotherapy. It is best that you see a doctor who could possibly put your mind at ease and direct you towards the appropriate therapeutic measures.


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