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Some years ago, i ate a dorito and didn’t chew it well enough.
It hurt me so bad as it went down the throat.but i got better and i wasn’t like dying.

Then starting last year or 2 years ago, i started noticing that I have a sound that sounds like “grrrrrrrr”
2 seconds after swallowing.

Sometimes it’s louder. and sometimes i get one 2 seconds after a swallow acompanied by another one 3 seconds after that.

I don’t know where that sound is coming from but it seems like it feels it’s coming from the throat.

Also ,it’s probably not audible to nobody but me.

Also it’s not just one time that i’ve gotten hurt in the the throat, . Unfortunately i keep getting strached all the time for not chewing well enough. I try but i can’t. The tongue seems to push the food before it’s ready to go in.

Just last week i was eating pasta that had small pieces of chicken and mini corn cobs.. and i think one of them went in full and i felt it as it hurt my upper esophagus and it even felt pain in my back. I don’t know if i got seriously hurt from that but so far I feel ok. Although i’ve felt back pain a few times after, in the same areA where i felt it when the food went thorough.

What should i do about the sound coming from my throat after swallowing? It doesn’t hurt. i just get that tiny GRRRRRR sound.

And also do you think i got damaged in my esophagus from eating that pasta with bay corncob?

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  • Dr. Chris July 14, 2011

    It is very unlikely that any of these foods caused this. In fact it is more likely that the injuries you sustained was from a narrower than normal oropharyngeal cavity (mouth-throat cavity). This can arise for various reasons. It may be seen with significant weight gain, enlarged thyroid gland, chronic inflammation of the throat (various reasons), tumors and so on.

    You need to speak to your family doctor and consult with an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) as soon as possible. Given your diverse medical history (based on the questions you have asked on this platform), I would advise that you consult with one doctor over the long term who can record all your ailments.


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