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My husband has all of a sudden developed extra sesitivity on one side of the face, around the nose and mouth area only. He is 50 years old and always enjoyed perfect health until he got a back injury at work around 5 years ago. (Slipped discs, and bulging discs). But the sensitivity is something he is constantly rubbing at.

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  • Dr. Chris February 16, 2011

    Firstly it has to be verified whether this sensitivity (hyperaesthesia)is due to any localized factors, such as a skin disease, allergy or even something as simple as sunburn. In terms of your husband’s condition, it could be due to the fact that nerve root compression (pinched nerve) may be contributing towards this. Also it has to be verified whether other factors like say a growth pressing on the nerve somewhere along its course could be responsible. This can only be assessed by a doctor, preferably a neurologist. Also take note of the medication he is using – some medication can cause this as well. His doctor will be able to advise him further.


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