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The past two days , when i wake up after a night’s sleep, my shoulder has been feeling like sprained.

It takes a few hours to feel better.

My question is, did my Shoulder get torn or is it just stiff because of my sleep position?

PS i sleep on my back

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  • Dr. Chris July 14, 2011

    During the course of the night, a person changes sleeping positions several times without being aware of it. So it is likely that you have lay on the side where your shoulder is paining. You may be looking at conditions like a frozen shoulder, supraspinatus tenditis and so on but the pain would also be present throughout the day, or at least with certain movements of the upper limb. A torn rotator cuff muscle is unlikely given the presentation.

    You doctor can conduct a neurological and musculoskeletal examination, an an X-ray and MRI may also be helpful. As mentioned under your previous questions, you need to consult with one doctor who can monitor all of your symptoms and conditions. This may be attributed to a single cause and treatment would therefore see many of these symptoms resolve.


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