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He has these bruises that seem to be crawling up his right leg. It started at his ankle and every time I see it, it is working it’s way higher and higher up. This is not small little bruises. These are 4inch in diameter bruising. and shouldn’t they begin to turn yellowish brown when they start to go away but they are still as dark as the first time I noticed them. Should he go to the emergency room? Could this be blood clots?

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  • Dr. Chris February 5, 2011

    Long term alcohol abuse can lead to various nutrient deficiencies and clotting disorders that could contribute to this. In addition, various systems of the body are affected by alcohol abuse and this could be a sign of venous insufficiency, even diabetes and so on. There are various possibilities and it is dependent on your husband’s medical history, current health status and so on. Of course his dependency does play a major role in his overall health as well. Another factor to consider is that alcohol abuse leads to repeated falls and injuries due to impaired senses which may also be a consideration here. You should take him to a doctor as soon as possible so that various tests can be run in order to diagnose a possible cause. Either way, he needs professional help and this may be the first step in getting him assistance to overcome his alcohol dependence.


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