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cause of multiple pneumonia\\\\\\\’s I have had pneumonia 4 times in 8 months and this really concerns me. I feel something else is going on. I have been a health care professional for 40 plus years.

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  • Dr. Chris August 14, 2011

    You don’t state the results of your sputum culture/cytoscopy, medical history and so on so it is difficult to answer this with any certainty. Of course pneumonia is more likely to occur in older age groups, particularly those associated with health care settings.

    Firstly underlying immune impairment like with HIV, chronic and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, needs to be excluded as predisposing factors. The other issue is whether the initial infection, if bacterial, has been adequately treated and completely resolved or whether this each episode is a recurrence of an unresolved infection.

    You should be overseen by a pulmonologist at this point as the repeated bouts could have easily caused some degree of scarring of lung tissue and predispose you to other respiratory-related complications.


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