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my work is officework. Tons of paperwork prepping(remove staples, organize) never ends. cause it’s like a hospital related company.

And also computer typing.

But this happened, months ago: I was going though a bunch of papers quickly and i grabbed one where i had to twist my hand quickly cause i wanted to turn it over. i felt a sharp quick pain but it didn’t last too long but i know that’s what caused my injury.

now months later, when i do the same kind of work OR when i thumb hurts badly. Even if i dont do anything but usually is more when i work with my hands. and usually more when i do it quickly.

However, when i’m relaxed after work, and i don’t do that kind of work and try to bend and straighten my thumb…there’s no problem in doing it. I can bend and unbend. and there’s not much pain.

IN Sum going through papers/documents, and pulling stuff with that thumb and typing in the computer causes pain.

Is this tendon damage and what should i do?
It seems my thumb works, but moving it quickly even if it’s small movement, makes it hurt.

Should i go to orthopedic or hand doctor or what?
i’m male 31 with many other problems and i just hate i have more and more every year.

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  • CharlyD January 14, 2011

    I would like to add

    It hurts in the thumb joint that is right under the thumb nail.

    Also, like i said.. there’s almost no problem in bending and unbending. the thumb. When i do it slowly i can do it. there’s pain mostly when i quickly grasp and pull documents.

    There was never swelling or discoloration.


  • Dr. Chris January 14, 2011

    There may be some tendon damage that is not severe to impair normal movement until additional force is required. You should first see your doctor who can then refer you to orthopedic specialist. You may have also injured the joint lining at this area but tendon injury should first be considered in your case. Medication and resting the thumb is important to allow it to heal, although in your case this may be complicated by your occupation. Your doctor will be able to advise you further. Other chronic conditions may also be causing this and could still be in the early stages therefore the symptoms are not as prominent.


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