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My mom has chronic pancreatitis and had surgery from it about two years ago. Her\’s was triggered from alcohol. I came home recently and realized that on a daily basis my mom drinks at least 6 O\’douls a day. Is this bad for her? I thought that carbonated drinks were not good for this condition, not to mention the minute alcohol content in the drinks. Also, my Mom smokes ciggarettes A LOT and drinks coffee on a daily basis.
Dr, please explain how bad this is to me because I\’m having trouble speaking to my Mom about these topics. For some reason she thinks all of this is OK.
How bad are these habits and will it ultimately lead to Pancreatic Cancer?
Thank you,
Concerned Son

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  • Dr. Chris February 21, 2011

    Your mum must be well aware of the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and smoking on her condition when she was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. Her doctor would have informed her.

    From what you say, she has a problem with alcohol and it is not unusual for alcoholics (or whatever other term you wish to use) to be in denial about the detrimental effects of their condition and that alcohol-related diseases have set in. She needs professional help for both her chronic pancreatitis and her alcohol misuse.

    Yes, chronic pancreatitis can lead to pancreatic cancer. Smoking and using alcohol in this way will lead to a host of complications, even if not pancreatic cancer, and many of these complications can be fatal. No amount of treatment is going to matter unless she deals with her alcohol misuse.

    Speak to her doctor and then follow through with a psychologist and even a support group. Her doctor will be able to give you more advice.

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