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I am a diabetic & BP patient and I am on Insulin with tablets and my blood sugar level is not to the desired level.

Could you please give advise about life style, food habits etc in order to bring down my sugar level apart from my regular medicine.

With regards,
Suresh Babu

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  • Dr. Chris February 10, 2011

    I am sure that your doctor advised you on basic lifestyle measures and provided you with a diet/eating plan or recommended that you visit a dietitian. This is the best approach to cater for your individual needs. You will however find a lot of information online on diet and lifestyle and this is a very large topic on its own so we will only go into the basics.

    1. Moderate exercise of at least 20 minutes per day helps with glucose tolerance. First check with your doctor if you are fit to exercise.
    2. Only consume low GI (glycemic index) foods.
    3. Monitor your blood glucose levels with your home test device and identify any foods that may raise your glucose levels significantly.
    4. Eat within your recommended daily calorie intake range.
    5. Ensure that you take your medication as prescribed.

    If the problem lies with the number of units of insulin you are using then you should see an edocrinologist who will be in better position to alter your prescription to achieve the desired results. If you are not following the correct lifestyle measures as prescribed by your doctor and dietitian then the onus is on you to comply in order to restore the levels.


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