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I have had “idiopathic lymphedema” for 39 years in my lower extremeties. Treatment in the past has been lymph gland massage, compression stockings and diuretics. Insurance does not like to pay for the massage – compression stockings bother me and seem to make the matter worse – so I have been stuck taking diuretecs for all this time. My body seems to get immune to them after awhile and they switch to another kind – but tell me I am on the strongest one now – and it is starting to not work as well as it did 3 years ago. (Demedex 20 mg.) Of course, my potassium drops significantly with this, so I take potassium 3 times a day. I am so sick of pills – is there anything else that can be done? It seems that with technology as it is now – there should be SOMETHING! Please help. This lymphedema seems to be taking a toll on my legs. I’m only 55 and my legs have looked like a roadmap for 15 years now. They are VERY tender ALL the time.

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