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My husband of 18 years has smoked marijuana almost every day since age 12. He smokes in the house with a window cracked open. I have had chronic illness for a long time and feel the smoke is inhibiting me from healing. Now I have developed a chronic cough and have had bronchitis frequently the passed few years. Is there a correlation? What other effects does the smoke have on non-users?

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  • Dr. Chris February 21, 2011

    The effects of long term exposure to second-hand (secondary) smoke is the same as if you were a smoker yourself. Chronic bronchitis is more commonly seen in smokers so yes, this could be related to your husband’s smoking habits. If you are a cigarette smoker, however, then this is more likely to be the cause.

    You don’t mention the exact chronic illness that you are suffering with so it is also possible that your chronic cough is related to you underlying ailment. You need to discuss with your doctor. Bottom line though, exposure to cigarette or marijuana smoke can complicate your general health and healing ability. You can read more on the effects of marijuana smoke in this article –


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