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I had cellulitis about 4 months ago after a deep wound on my leg which I had left untreated. It took me a few days to realize that something was not right and seek treatment. By that time I had an abscess on the side of my left leg and the pain had crept up to my thighs. My lymph nodes on the thigh were swollen and very firm but not visible. The doctor said that it was still the early stages and would have got much worse with time.

After a strong course of antibiotics, the infection settled. The abscess did not needed to be drained out or anything and it slowly healed on its own. My leg is perfectly fine now, except for a round black scar where the abscess was.

The only thing I do notice is that when its cold or if I sit for long periods, then I get a slight pain on my left thigh which is very similar to the cellulitis pain. It like runs up in a line on the front of the thigh and stops just by the groin. This is the exact pain that I had with the infection but now it is very very mild in comparison.

Could there still be some bacteria sitting in my lymph nodes?

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  • Dr. Chris September 28, 2010

    It is unlikely that the microorganisms are still present if the nodes are no longer swollen or painful and you are not experiencing a fever. Instead there may have been significant inflammation in the area which could have led to fibrotic scarring of the lymphatic vessel and/or node. Sometimes a calcification could even occur. Another consideration is phlebitis which is inflammation of the leg veins following an infection. Even though the infection resolved, the vein may still be inflamed.


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