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i\\\\\\\’ve noticed syptoms i have all seem to be on the left side of my body: left eyebrow outer 1/3 has less hair, dryness behind left ear and on left nostril. As i sit now, my left foot is freezing. So cold I don\’t have to touch it, it feels like it\’s on ice. My left hand has a little bit of tingling and slight numbness. Even my back seems to have more imperfections on the left side. I used to get quivers in one of my eyes but don\’t remember which one it was. My left hand used to quiver also but rarely does now. I am very much losing my hair w/ typical male pattern baldness but the left side above the ear has noticably lost more, where the right side looks like it has lost none. I have been told that it may very well relate to my Thyroid and Adrenals. Any help or input is appreciated. Thank you for your time. Richard Carroll

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