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i am 85 female, 5-7, 172. controlled b p, cholosterol, no diabetes.. general good health..

m r i left shoulder shows an eight mm tear. 3 drs say complete replace, 1 says fuse tear, bones are sound, another says therapy.

i take 2 tylenol – 650 each morning hopefully to reduce pain… if needed will take 1 tylenol w/ codeine late pm… aspirin – 325- every day.. also cozaar 50, lipitor 10. have stent in january 98.. (minus my appendix, gall bladder.. complete hystorectomy 2958.)

my insurance is hedicare only but need some relief from the pain.. hobby is quilt making… no heavy work or lifting..

do you need more info?? what is best?? thank you.

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