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I had my gallbladder removed 5 weeks ago due to stabbing back pain Nausea & burping after eating..
Had struggled with this for last 3 years.
I had (1) 5 mm stone,, surgeon said after removal that I had so many repeated attacks that my gallbladder had adhered to itself & that it had lots of scarring.
I thought this was going to fix my problems but it HAS NOT.
I was doing better ate bland for 1st 10 days after surgery then gradually started eating normally again.
Had some infrequent mild back pain after eating normally but it only lasted maybe an hour or so.
Until about a week ago I ate a Roast beef & provalone french dip sandwich for dinner & had intense back pain that went all the way across my mid back & lasted for several hours.
next morning i had small amt of scrambled eggs a hash brown, strip of bacon & a biscuit & the pain came back with a vengeance & then I got nauseous. It took me til the next day to recover.
Ever since that even 2 vanilla oreos & evian water caused intense pain & Nausea for hours.
now chicken broth & ginger ale is about all I have been able to eat without hurting & nausea.
The pain switches between either left side mid back or all the way across my midback (just like) before I had the gallbladder removal.
It is causing great anxiety that i don’t know what is wrong & that I can’t eat or sleep & have had the surgery & still same Issues..
I had Endoscope before surgery no ulcers no Hiatal Hernias no acid reflux
Gastro Dr said there was nothing wrong with my stomach..
I had Hepatabilliary scan no problems, gallbladder ultrasound they said was fine & CT turned up 1 gallstone.
Please Help if you can.. Thank You

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  • Dr. Chris January 30, 2011

    It is possible that the scar tissue has extended to surrounding structures as well and may therefore not have been removed during surgery. Another possibility is pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas, or injury to the common bile duct (cholangitis). Both these conditions can cause these symptoms, especially after eating and hopefully you have followed up with your doctor as advised to limit complications.

    From what I understand, you had the scan and ultrasound prior to this surgery but you may need to undergo follow up investigations to exclude new pathology that may have arisen in the area, possibly progressing from your initial condition (although it was not detected at the time) or having arisen as a result of surgery. It may be unrelated to either of these as well.

    Follow up with your doctor and carefully note all your symptoms even those symptoms that have arisen which may seem unrelated. This should be reported to your doctor.


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