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I was diagnosed with a Kidney Infection Wednesday September 7th. I did not go to the urgent care until about 6 days of onset of symptoms. Why? Well I have been kickboxing and did small amount of weight lifting and I thought I pulled muschles in my back. So for 4 days I iced and used heating pads. Then the high fever, chills, sleeping for 2 days began. I then realized after having a kidney infection about 1.5 yrs ago that I may have another infection and proceeded to be seen at urgent care where I was diagnosed with a kidney infectiona and prescribed Macrobid. Couple days later I followed up with my primary physician . By this time I had 4 doses of the antibiotic in my system and I was feeling better. Still back pain, stomach pain, achy. But better. He did another urine dip test and stated my urine was awful and it should have been better by then . He then prescribed Cipro on top of the Macrobid and told me if I was not totally better by the beginning of this week he would need to proceed with further testing. I read on your site about whey protein, water intake effecting your kidneys. I have been exercising alot lately 4-5 days a week kickboxing, walking , and some weights. I have increased my water intake to 100oz the last few weeks and have also added amplified whey protein 60 to my diet for a week. Could this have caused my kidney problem? Did I do this to myself? Is it a kidney infection or could it be something more? Kidney damage? Please Help! I am very worried. Thank you. Lisa

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  • Dr. Chris September 12, 2011

    High protein intake and inadequate water intake are two factors to consider in a person with a pre-existing kidney disorder. Yes, it could affect you otherwise but is more relevant if you have some underlying kidney or related disease. This may not cause an infection but in conjunction with other unknown factors (your doctor knows your case best), it may contribute to it. I cannot say with any certainty whether this is an infection or other kidney disorder. Only your doctor can advise you about this.

    Kidney infections do not often arise on its own. It is more likely to occur as an ascending urinary tract infection or when the microorganisms reach your kidney from another site in your body through the blood. Recurrent kidney infections may point to some other underlying problem. The delay in seeking treatment does negatively affect the outlook but does not mean that there is permanent or irreversible damage. At this point you need to consult with your doctor closely, continue with the medication as prescribed, rest (definitely no exercise or kickboxing for now) and follow through with other tests and investigations as your doctor advises. Only then will you know for sure and can be monitored properly.

    Often treatment is such that once the most acute condition is treated, then further investigation is undertaken to identifying underlying causes. Regular follow ups with your doctor as he/she advises is therefore crucial. Do not leave it just because you are feeling better or you will never get to the root cause. Furthermore, your doctor may only consider further investigation should you not respond to treatment so don’t jump ahead just yet on assumptions about the nature of your underlying kidney disorder. Take it one step at a time. For now you are being treated for the infection.


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