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What would you like to ask? I have tumers on both sides of my jaw with chronic pain what kind of testes do I need? On Feb, of 2011 I underwent surgery for thyroid cancer.Now when I underwent the surgery I explained to Dr I felt these tumor on the both side of my jaw but he said it was not important please help me I need your advice

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  • Dr. Chris August 29, 2011

    There is obviously some miscommunication between you and your doctor or just a misunderstanding on your part. If you had cancer, your doctor will investigate all neighboring sites and lymph nodes to ensure that there is no spread of the primary tumor (staging). This may be repeated even long after the surgery. Of course if it was a benign tumor then this is not applicable. You should continue consulting with the oncologist that was handling your thyroid cancer so that if there is spread, he/she can intervene as soon as possible since they are aware of your history. If you are not satisfied with the treatment then you can always seek a second opinion.

    It is unlikely, but not impossible, that you will suddenly ‘feel two tumors’ on either side of your jaw which will be jaw cancer. Possible lymph node involvement from the primary tumor (if malignant) or lymph node inflammation due to other causes which could be related to your previous therapy. This should be discussed with your doctor since he/she knows what procedures you underwent. Seek medical attention and even get a second opinion if necessary and of course constantly monitor it. However, you should not try to self-diagnose yourself if the relevant investigations have been done and excluded the possibility of a tumor. Your concerns are common among cancer patients and this is why patients are always advised to seek counseling before and after cancer treatment.


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