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I have a itchy/brownish/spotty cluster rash? whats going on? Im familiar with hives I get those on&off frequently. Im 43 yr old woman&hv never had a rash like this before. Started out small like itchy raised bumps but now these itchy bumps seem like some are connected to form one big cluster rash with little bumps around it.right under my arm about the sz of a half dollar coin.Using non scented lotion curbs the itch but won’t go away. What kind of rash is this? Thanks, caramelfox. Any advice is helpful

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  • Dr. Chris December 30, 2010

    It is difficult to say what type of rash this may be just on these symptoms. It is important for a dermatologist to examine the area. From what you say, this may be a prolonged case of contact dermatitis or even a fungal infection. If you have a history of atopic dermatitis, then this may also be a possibility. The fact that the area is now darkening means that the inflammation has been chronic and if you do not seek proper medical attention, the area may remain dark permanently.


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