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At night I had a burning itching sensation on my hands and feet.My hands and feet felt swollen. I slept through it, but got worst in the morning, then faded out through out day. No rash was visible. Same thing happen the next day. On the third day, I now feel itchy on my neck chest, around my belt area. GO to the doctor cannot diagnose since I have no rash. Two hours later I have a cluster of bumps on shoulder and one or two little bumps on the inside of my hands. They go away within an hour. I go through the itching on my hands and feet till at midnight I have intense tighness on the middle of my rib cage, My right temple hurts and I feel tighness from my jaw down to my shoulder. Lasted for about 30 mins. In the morning I had the itching on my scalp, neck hands, feet, and my right butt check. I had a cluster of bumps on my but, and my ear has been itching all day. The tightness on my right chest or right underneath rib cage came back and my right temple hurt and right side jaw was severly tight, this tightness lasted for about 15 mins. My tongue felt swollen too. There was tingling on my upper lip. I had a red bump the size of a pen capon my right inner forearm. My hands get very hot and swollen when they itch. I have never been allergic to anything

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