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Can removal of fecal impaction during pregnancy be dangerous to the fetus or cause the placenta to detatch from the uterine wall? I’m in the 1st trimester and started bleeding. Ultrasound showed a pocket of blood near the fetus and I’m wondering if the manual removal of feces from the rectum could have caused trauma.

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  • Dr. Chris September 16, 2011

    It is highly unlikely if you are talking about a subchorionic or retroplacetal hematoma but there is no way to say for sure as we do not know all the details of your case. You should have discussed this with your gynecologist. Fecal impaction should be diagnosed by your doctor and the appropriate measures taken with your doctor’s supervision. If you are constipated, discuss it with your doctor. Never assume fecal impaction and attempt to treat it just because of severe constipation, although it is very likely to occur in this instance.


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