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ive been drinking coke because i barely started my period and i dont know what i can drink and what i cant…but since ive been drinking coke it feels like my cramps are getting worse is this normal when you drink coke on your period?

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  • Dr. Chris August 19, 2011

    Firstly there is a lot of hype around cola drinks and some of the effects on the mineral levels like calcium. While this mineral does play a role in muscle contractions and therefore cramping, this may be looking for a link that has yet to be conclusively established. If it does occur, this is more likely to be seen with very high consumption. Cola drinks, particularly those that contain caffeine, may act as a diuretic meaning that you pass out more water than normal. It is possible to be slightly “dehydrated” in this regards and can cause or exacerbate cramping. Whether this is the reason for your more intense cramping at this period or not cannot be conclusively verified. If you are are concerned about the impact of cola then don’t drink it and rather stick with more healthier options. However, given you other question here about the spotting (, I think you should be seeking medical attention at this point.


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