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In the last month or so I have experienced a very strange sensation on my left side under my rib cage. It feels much like my intestines have become one of those long balloons being inflated and twisted into a random balloon animal, and the resulting cramped feeling is like having a charlie horse because its inflated and twisted to the max. I have noticed that it only happens when I bend over from the waist for exercises, cleaning up things off the floor, or picking up my little ones. I have had 2 C sections and it was the only thing I could think of why I would have internal organ problems, and freaked out a bit when I saw scar adhesion being a likely problem years post surgery (my c section dates were in June 07 and Oct 08) while doing online research. I can’t get an appointment to go to the doctor until Monday, and I am a person who tends to go as a last alternative, but by the same token I want to be around for my children and I’m a little worried whether this is an emergency room type visit. My last episode with this was two nights ago, and it probably took a full two minutes or more before I could get the contraction to stop. When it happens I can not stand up straight, the max amount I can stand is with my waist perpendicular to my legs, a 90 degree angle, and the pain is intense enough that I can not hold it there long. I end up in a fetal like position while on my feet and kind of jostle myself in directions until it “disentangles” itself. It feels almost like an alien has infiltrated my body :(. I have been considerably sore, a bruised like feeling, in that area all day yesterday and today too. Last night, I don’t know if it was my imagination over being concerned over it or what but, it seemed like it was getting hot in that spot and more pressure. Any advice on what this may be, or whether I should head to the emergency room, would be well appreciated, thank you in advance.


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  • Dr. Chris January 9, 2011

    Since you feel it more internally and not towards the back, it is possibly that this could be an abdominal hernia. There are many types and it would be impossible to identify the exact one. It may be small and therefore not causing any visible bulging.

    There are a number of gastrointestinal conditions that may also cause this and the only way to know is to see a doctor and undergo further tests. You can read more about these conditions in this article –

    Despite your apprehension about seeing a doctor, it is necessary to do so and the condition if left untreated could progress to serious, possibly even life threatening, complications.


  • Lea44 January 9, 2011

    I thank you very much for your time and answer, Dr Chris. I did not want to take up time for baby sitters and doctor office visits if it was something not worth going for. I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow (provided the weather doesn’t shut everyone down) who will most likely have to refer me to another doctor.
    Since I initially wrote my question I have had the discomfort feel like it was traveling a little further down towards my left pelvis bone and it feels swollen (not visibly) & warm in the area the majority of the time like I have icy hot on it, and like if I were to move the wrong way threatening of a charlie horse (I haven’t had one yet but I have been moving gingerly too). I also sort of felt like I had pains shooting down into my left leg in the center of my thigh region, and also a horizontal pain from the top most area where the intestine initially did its balloon inflation/distortion trick, these symptoms have not persisted though so I don’t know that they’re related. I have cut back on eating/increased water intake considerably because I’m a little worried about something happening before I can get to the doctor. If I can minimize the work my body is doing in that area perhaps it would be helpful in prevention.
    Thank you again for your time!



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