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There is something attached to the left upper nasal cavity in my nose. Every 3 or 4 days it comes out, it’s got dried blood on one side and a thick mucusy tail on the other. It’s only on the left side, and every few days, lately, I get an ear ache on the left side and swollen glands on the left side. When I get my period, I have chronic clotting from beginning to end to the point of hemorage. I go through bouts of diareha, low grade fever when I have the ear ache and swollen glands for 2 – 3 days in a row. This has been going on for a couple of years as noone will look at or test the object that comes out of my nose. My eyesight started to get really bad and progressively worse when all of this started. I also have bite (like deep lesions mostly on my legs). I get lethargic quite often and have not been feeling well for sometime. I’m a 52 year old female. When I get my period, if I wear pad instead of a tampax, some of the clots that discharge attach to my inner thighs and leave some kind of a bite mark. I get these black things that discharge in my stool daily. Sometimes they are tiny and sometimes up to 1/4″ or more. There have been times in the last two years that immediately after I ate I had to go to the bathroom because of cramps. The fever, earache and swollen glands on the left side of my body are coming very frequently now, is there anywhere I can go to get tested? I’m wondering if it isn’t some kind of lice, or some kind of mould parasite.
PS If you can’t help me, please direct me to somebody who can and will help me.

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  • Dr. Chris December 15, 2010

    This seems like quite a complicated case that needs specialist management. You really should speak to your family doctor about a referral to a specialist physician. You may also need to consult with a gynecologist or gastroenterologist.

    We cannot give specific recommendations but you can either speak to your family doctor or visit your local hospital and ask for the appropriate referral to the specialists mentioned above. You should seek proper medical attention as soon as possible.

    It’s unlikely that it is just a “parasite in the nose” or elsewhere causing this. Your doctor may be able to advise you further.


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