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What is the cure for hair dye allergy

I am getting allergy due to use of hair dye on my cheeks and front and backside of the neck with a lot of itching sensation. Please suggest natural cure for this problem and oblige.

I may also incidentally make a mention here that I have used ointments like–Qadriderm, but much relief is not there.

I feel there is nothing wrong in my abdomen and I consider this allergey is only superficial.

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  • Dr. Chris August 28, 2011

    Firstly the word ‘cure’ is used very loosely. There is NO CURE for a hair dye allergy. There are means to treat it and measures to prevent it. This does not mean that any of this treatment will definitely resolve it completely so that it will not occur – hence a cure. Sometimes an allergy can just ‘disappear’ completely for no known reason. At other times there are underlying skin diseases that first need to be treated. If you are experiencing an allergy then speak to your doctor who can examine the area and prescribe the appropriate medication. Your doctor may also need to refer you to a dermatologist for further evaluation.

    Antihistamines and corticosteroid topical applications can relieve the symptoms of the allergy. It will not CURE it. To suppress this allergy, you would probably have to use systemic corticosteroids and even consider immune modifying drugs. These drugs have a host of side effects that can cause serious complications that could even be life threatening in the long term. In this regard it has to be asked whether the treatment is worse than the disease – in this case it obviously is.

    Why some people react and other’s don’t may be due to a number of reasons. Genetic susceptibility, long term induced hypersensitivity and so on. But in many cases, the cause is unknown although the mechanism is understood. Some people are sensitive (the minority) while others aren’t (the majority). In this regard hair dye manufacturers cater for the majority. If hair dye manufacturers spend more time and money researching and developing a product specifically for sensitive individuals then that would be a solution. But to demand for this condition to be medically managed in a way that one solution works for all is difficult. It has to be managed on a case by case basis where each individual case is assessed, treated and then managed in the long term.

    Ultimately this is using medical resources to treat a condition that is rooted in cosmetic applications. The logical step would be to discontinue using a hair dye. Prevention is better than cure and in this case it is more about accepting one’s physical appearance and coming to terms with it. However, I accept that many people wish to use hair dyes despite having an allergy. In this regard it is best to seek advice from your doctor and consider ways in managing the allergy when it arises. As for a ‘natural cure’, you will have to direct your question at a doctor in your area or other complementary health practitioner.


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