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my whole left side up from my ankle to about where my kidneys are feels like it’s numb or rather overly cold. It feels like my bones ache and joints. There’s bright red colored blood in my urine. I am hypersensitive to light touch and temperature on my stomache, lower back, face and only sensitive to temp. on my leg that is overly cold feeling. I also have fatigue and I tend to stumble a lot and after looking for a possible diagonosis i’ve also noticed that I do have pain in one eye when I look overly in a direction. My feet do not ache and are not swollen. I have some minor headaches that seem to be connected to my vision more than sound.

I’ve already gone to my doctor and had blood drawn but i just can’t wait any longer. Everything about this is driving me bonkers.

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  • Dr. Chris October 16, 2010

    A lot depends on your past medical history, age, weight and other factors as this could be related to a chronic cardiovascular condition, which may progress into a stroke/heart attack/kidney failure, and this may be related to diabetes as well. A lot of the symptoms you have can be linked to the complications of diabetes at the moment.

    Cardiovascular conditions are also most likely to occur in a diabetic although it can arise with no history of diabetes. It would however have developed gradually over time so you would have seen these symptoms worsen progressively.

    If it just suddenly started up, it may be related to an infectious cause, most likely viral, and it is important to tell your doctor if you have traveled recently.

    You need to see a doctor. The symptoms are varied but point to both diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, both of which could be progressing to affect the kidney. There are some autoimmune causes as well that may be responsible but considering the incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases these days, these conditions have to first be excluded.


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