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My 5 Year old Son fell down in School 20 hours ago.
I came to know about it only 7 hours after he got the injury cause he didn’t tell me anything. Its only when I went to give him bath, he told me not to touch him near the elbow because it hurts him a little.
To my horror I saw a lot of swelling just near his elbow ( 2 inches away from his elbow joint… not towards the arm but downwards ) I took him to the doctor and had his elbow X-Rayed. I checked the image along the the doctor and doctor said theres no injury to the bone at all. Doctor said that its just Mass.
He can bend his elbow like normal and plays like normal and says it hurts only a little when he bends the elbow.
The Doctor prescribed him Ibrufofen Gel, but my son says its not paining much at all.

Now… If you can please advise me how to remove the Mass swelling cause it might lead to something else.
I applied him Thromophob Gel for blood circulation.


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  • Dr. Chris December 24, 2010

    A mass is quite a general term. Your doctor probably means swelling as you say in the latter part of your question. Swelling is a feature of inflammation and will settle as the inflammation eases and the area heals. The anti-inflammatory gel that your doctor prescribed may need to be continued, despite the lack of pain. You should go back to your doctor and discuss your concerns. If there is some other reason for the mass, he will be able to advise you accordingly.


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