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urine infection only hurts when im about to stop urinating, like when i’m finishing up? and its soo sore i just wanna bite my fist. lately my stomach has been feeling weird as well it gets a weird kinda pain now and then these last 2 weeks and its sometimes feels hard then soft? Can any1 please help me out.

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  • Dr. Chris February 1, 2011

    The infection is most likely affecting the bladder (cystitis) at this point and hopefully you have sought treatment. You can read more about cystitis in this article – With cystitis, the pain may be felt in the lower part of the abdomen, even just below the umbilicus (belly button) especially when the bladder is distended.

    Untreated cystitis can quickly progress to affect the upper parts of the urinary tract and kidneys (even both). It can also affect surrounding organs or even abdominal organs lying higher up through lymphatic spread. I am unsure whether you are referring to abdominal pain or pain in the stomach area when you say ‘stomach pain’. If you are experiencing pain in the stomach area (upper left quadrant), especially if it is along the flanks or even slight to the back, then it is possibly that this infection has progressed and is now affecting your kidney. There may be other underlying diseases responsible for your symptoms which could have been missed as the focus was on your UTI. You should see a doctor immediately and report your symptoms so that further investigation can be conducted.


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