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Was taken to A&E yesterday having had suffered from chest heaviness left pec/shoulder and neck, Had it in the morning as some as i woke up for around 2 hours but put it down to a bad night sleep if possible, then it came back around 3pm and my blood presure was around 156/110 pulse 130 ambulance came as doctor phoned it and they did a ecg which was okish just a small change so they took me in had bloods, chest x-ray and ecg done a the hospital the only thing that was wrong with them was my cholesterol was high had a final blood test to check the lining of the heart (I think that is correct)to see if any damage was done and their was not so was sent home.Been 24 hours now and nothing more i suffer from gerd and costochondritis also hack up abit of flem brownish colour in the mornings and sometimes get stressed and have had panic attackes before age 39 and weight 200pounds so overweight.
So my question is could this be acase of not sleeping good and having a panic attack hospital staff said the arter running the test that with their working outs my average chance of having a heart related problam over the next 10 years was around 0.06 percent (but like he said that is only a guide as you never know).
Thanks in advance

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  • Dr. Chris February 5, 2011

    A panic attack could account for many of your symptoms and even if the ECG and heart muscle enzymes come back normal, it is advisable that you have a stress ECG (on a treadmill or cycle) an angiogram. This will map out the blood flow through the arteries of your heart and indicate any blockage given your high cholesterol, chest pain, being overweight and age. Remember that cardiovascular conditions are arising in younger age groups these days.

    GERD and costochondritis can both account for this pain and the response to the pain may elevate the heart rate and pulse for short periods of time. GERD especially tends to aggravate at night and can cause this pain to radiate as you describe. However these conditions are not fatal and it is the possibility of a cardiac condition that should be given priority here.

    Just to be cautious, you should consult with a cardiologist who can further assess you and advise your accordingly. The staff at the A&E are just there to ensure that your life is not under immediate threat and the onus is on you to follow up with a medical specialist afterwards.


  • xtremx March 14, 2011

    Hi, Dr Chris. My doctor has put me on citalopram 20mg aday too try and ease my Panic Attacks as they have been coming more often, hopefully that will help


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