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i am getting burn feeling in my feet sole what is this diseases. how is occurs and what is the remedies to cure or prevent

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  • Dr. Chris January 25, 2011

    A burning sensation in the soles of the feet may occur for a number of reasons. This includes nerve root compression, nerve disorders associated with conditions like diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), muscle strain or injury, blood circulation problems, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal causes. Your doctor will have to examine you and take into consideration your medical history and so before running further tests to investigate the cause.

    Once the cause if diagnosed, your doctor will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment to help relieve the symptoms or resolve it completely if possible. The burning sensation is only a symptom and without knowing the cause, there is no remedy or conservative measures that you can undertake. Do not delay because with conditions like nerve root compression, diabetic neuropathy and circulatory problems, the condition can progress quickly to cause complications or more intense symptoms. Therefore early treatment is necessary.

    Take note of when the burning sensation is worse, when it eases, when it started and what other symptoms may have also started at the same time. Reporting all this information to your doctor will help significantly with a diagnosis.


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