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I eat apple and the apple peel passes and i get pain as if a thorn passed through.

same with many other things.

I’m not bleeding so i don’t understand what could be making this.

wouldn’t it bleed if i had a cut.

This has been happening for like a year on and off.

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  • CharlyD January 19, 2011

    By the way, the pain feels like it’s in the uvula


  • Dr. Chris January 20, 2011

    You should see your doctor about this who may send you to an ENT specialist (otolaryngologist). It could just be pharyngitis (inflamed, sore throat) or there may other causes that need to be diagnosed by a professional. You seem to have many ailments from all the questions you have posted in the past few weeks from aphasia to chest pain, thumb pain, and dandruff problems. You were advised in each instance to see a doctor or relevant medical professional.

    Please do not abuse this service. This free service takes time and money to maintain for the benefit of the public. At this point you need medical attention.


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