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what antibiotics do you take for fluid on the lungs

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  • Dr. Chris September 30, 2011

    Fluid on the lungs? I assume that you mean around the lungs. This is known as a pleural effusion. Or it can be IN the lungs in which case it is known as pulmonary edema. You cannot treat it with antibiotics unless it is due to an infection. Even then your doctor has to identify what type of infection it is an prescribe the appropriate medication. It may not necessarily be antibiotics. Fluid around/in the lungs may just be a sign of some underlying disease which has to be treated in order for the fluid to stop accumulating. Depending on the severity, drainage may be necessary. Sometimes the underlying cause is not even related to the lungs – for example in heart failure.

    You need to see your doctor who will properly identify the CAUSE of the fluid in/around your lungs. Further tests may be necessary. Once your doctor reaches a diagnosis, then specific treatment for this condition can be started. Don’t try to self-medicate or manage this condition without medical supervision as the underlying cause could worsen and even become life-threatening.

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