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I have been having this mild itchiness/burning on the soles of my feet since mid-December. It is worse during the day when sitting and wearing closed shoes. To relieve the symptoms I have to walk around and it gets better. Went to 3 different doctors, 2 prescribed cortisone pill/cream and the other prescribed very expensive athlete foot meds. After spending thousands of rands, still these mild symptoms persist. Did diabetes and HIV test for peace of mind. Just to add, from August to November I was on a very hectic running program. Please help.

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  • Dr. Chris January 20, 2011

    If this condition is related to a skin condition, then you should see a dermatologist. Athlete’s foot can be persistent and may require oral antifungals while using topical applications.

    However there may be other causes that are unrelated to a skin infection/disease. Circulatory problems, hormonal disorders and conditions affecting the muscles (and tendons), joints, and so on may also be responsible.

    You should see an orthopedic specialist and podiatrist who can make an assessment. Venous insuffficiency of the legs would explain some of your symptoms especially if you have noticed swelling.


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