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I’ve been dealing with chest pain for like a month already.

Xray showed i have scoliosis in various parts of the spine and my spine is twisted and rib is out. I’m going to the chiropractic and it’s much better. Beofre i couldn’t even lay down to sleep. now there’s no problem in laying. and during the day, pain fro movement has gotten better.

But when i sneeze..that hasn’t gone away. I get extreme pain in the center of the chest and i hear/feel a crack in the rib in the chest. Is this just something i’m gonna have to deal with forever, or will it get better?

i’m 31 male

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  • Dr. Chris January 12, 2011

    We cannot say if it will definitely get better. This has to be discussed with your doctor who is familiar with your case history and the results of the relevant investigations. The sudden expansion and contraction of the chest cavity may cause these symptoms given your condition. Your doctor will be able to advise you further.


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