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My younger brother is suffering from liver cirrhosis for the past three years.
The doctors say that he can eat anything but salt consumption should be limited.But he cant digest food properly.please tell me about an appropriate diet.
Apart from this the main problem for concern now is that he has started belching excessively and at times feels difficulty in breathing.How can it be resolved?Is there a home remedy or any medicine??
please suugest it sir we’re very much worried.
waiting for your sincere reply.

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  • Dr. Chris July 31, 2011

    Liver cirrhosis is a scarring of the liver tissue due to long term damage. In very mild cases it may be reversible to some extent. But in advanced cases it is irreversible. It would be fair to assume that this is the case in your brother’s situation. There is no specific diet apart from a low sodium diet (low salt intake) and a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables to counteract the malnutrition that often arises in this case. So follow the doctor’s advice accordingly.

    Unfortunately symptoms like excessive belching and indigestion are common in cirrhosis. There is little that can be done and considering the insufficiency of the liver, it is not advisable to take any home remedies or over-the-counter medicines without the doctor’s approval. The liver may have great difficulty in metabolizing these substances. Rather opt to avoid the foods that tend to cause the belching, eat slowly and small meals more frequently in a day. A little bit of activity after the meal may aid in digestion – light walking but not strenuous exercise.

    The difficulty in breathing is a cause of concern though. Cirrhosis can affect the blood flow to the heart which in turn may cause fluid to enter the lungs. This can cause difficulty in breathing and needs to be assessed. Anemia and other deficiencies may also be a possible cause. Long term management and supervision by the doctor is essential here. There is no other option for cirrhosis as it is a permanent damage of the liver. Do not try to manage this at home without the doctor’s advice.


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